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Torpedo Love

| How do you tell someone you love them the second time when the first time seemed to be the hardest, yet it wasn’t?
It’s as if to say it more will take away the value, neither is the moment the same as the first one. The feared word still stays fearful. Yet it is public knowledge. How do you say it in a way that it is more of a reinforcement rather than a tell - all? |

She realised there was no need to find the time to say it again. It finally hit her that when he said he knew, before she knew, that saying it was done on her behalf by her bones and flesh. Saying it was done on her behalf by her words and holds. Her tears and cheers, he knew, he knows. So when she finds the moment where the 3 words are firing in her mind, she knows that he knows, because in her eyes he will see that she is raging. He will see it before she can speak it.

And that’s perfect.

Janelle Monáe - Electric Lady [Official Video]

I love how the video, just like the track, is so empowering. How refreshing it is seeing women dressed in a tasteful manner, and just having a good time being authentic. This is Music! Sounds and words that move and make people shine. Love Janelle Monae always. I stay jamming this song, now I can put an image to it. Oh man it makes me so HAPPY darrm!*


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